Grading Vinyl Records at

Mint — We reserve this grade for records that appear perfect in every way.

NM- — Records that could be mint, but have slight scuffs or imperfections. Likely will play like a mint record, but not quite as perfect.

VG++ — Records that are in very good shape, but do show some wear. Cartridge damage (scratches) should not interfere with music. Certainly no skips, or pops that distract from listening enjoyment.

VG+ — A record that is in good shape, but with some damage that could be distracting, in quiet sections particularly. Also, records that are largely damage free, but appear to be worn.

VG — A record of less quality that we would hope to offer. Still worth having, especially at the much reduced price you will see.

VG- — A record that is damaged to the point where you might not enjoy it that much. Sometimes we offer these just because they have a unique cover.

Note about record covers:

We take into account covers to some degree. Mint records can't be mint, unless the cover is perfect. We would prefer to grade the vinyl itself. Since we have photos, and comment on the cover as necessary, we use the 'grade' for the vinyl primarily. If a cover's grade is out of line with the vinyl's grade, we will comment on that as needed. Also, note that you have click on the picture to get a closer look.