Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The following terms and conditions apply when making a purchase from SpiralVinyl.com:

  • Shipping Policy:

  • We ship to the United States and Canada only. All items are shipped via UPS, usually within 24 hours of order receipt, except on weekends and holidays. A shipment insurance charge applies for shipments over $50. Buyers must sign for shipments or contact UPS to leave a signature at the door.

    Shipments which show damage upon arrival should be reported to UPS, and to the merchant, by emailing Customer Service.

    Return shipping is available for damaged shipments and items not matching receipt description. Please contact the merchant for details.
  • Return Policy:

  • All sales are final, except in the case of shipping damage, or items that do not properly match the sales receipt.

    All returns must be initiated within 30 days of order date.

    An RMA Number is required to return orders. Returns without RMA numbers may not be accepted.

    Please see the Shipping Policy, above, for details on whom to contact to receive an RMA number.

    Items which are returned in a condition other than shipped may not be given full refund or credit. For example, if there is a scratch in the record where none existed before. All items are inspected going out the door and we guarantee the quality of our albums to match the advertised grade.
  • Privacy Policy:

  • All information collected on the site is used for transaction approval, shipping, and order tracking purposes. No information is sold, given, rented, donated, or re-transmitted, to third parties at any time, except for the purposes listed.

    The only parties that we share any information with, transmitted using a secured connection, are the shipping carrier, and our payment processor.

    Information is kept on our server in order to make your future visit to our site more enjoyable. You may opt out of this storage of information by clicking on the "do not store customer information on server for easy checkout during next visit" checkbox at the top of the checkout form step 1. In this case, no information will be kept on our server, and you will be required to enter it in each time. If you are ordering from a public computer, please use this option.

    At no time are any credit card numbers, expiration dates, or financial details stored in our database. In fact, we will never be aware of any of these details, unless you share them to us via telephone or fax. Please do not ever email credit card information to us (or anyone else) to complete a transaction, as email is not a secured transmission method..

    All transaction details are sent directly to our payment processor, before we see them, and they notify us securely if the transaction has been approved.

    Because we never see the financial details of your transaction, you will need to enter these details each time you purchase from SpiralVinyl.com. If you object to this procedure, please email Customer Service to inform us of your preference. We have opted for this policy due to the frequency of skilled computer criminals (hackers) breaking into databases and stealing credit card information.
  • Accepted Payment Methods

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We do not take COD, check or money orders at this time.
  • Questions?

  • Please contact Customer Service: Peter Storey with any questions you may have about your purchase.

    We hope you have an enjoyable experience during and after your visit to SpiralVinyl.com.