Pink Floyd: More

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Pink Floyd: More

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blue label from Germany

Genre: Rock    Format: LP 12-Inch

Label: EMI
Catalog #: c 062-04 0
Country of Origin: Germany

New/Used Used      Condition/Grade: Mint

  • This artist produced 'Meddle', by Pink Floyd
  • This artist has tribute album 'Jazz italiano live 2008, Volume 5: Us and Them: Omaggio ai Pink Floyd', by Rita Marcotulli
  • This artist has tribute album 'The Piano Tribute to Pink Floyd', by David Ari Leon
  • This artist has tribute album 'Floyd: A Chillout Experience', by Lazy
  • This artist has tribute album 'Orchestral Maneuvers: The Music of Pink Floyd', by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • This artist has tribute album 'An All Star Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd', by Various Artists
  • This artist produced 'More', by Pink Floyd
  • This artist produced 'The Dark Side of the Moon', by Pink Floyd
  • This artist has tribute album 'Tribute to Pink Floyd', by Yellow Brick Road
  • This artist composed 'Us and Them: Symphonic Pink Floyd', by London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • This artist composed Fearless by Low
  • This artist has an official homepage at
  • more artist trivia

This album has 15 tracks:

Track 1: Wave    (3:14)

Track 2: Waiting    (4:06)

Track 3: Losing My Religion    (5:11)

Track 4: After the Rain    (2:51)

Track 5: Cocaine Lil & Morphine Sue    (3:25)

Track 6: Slow Dancin    (4:22)

Track 7: Upside Out    (3:54)

Track 8: The Look Into Your Eyes    (4:54)

Track 9: Let There Be You    (3:51)

Track 10: Outra Vez    (4:49)

Track 11: Autumn in June    (3:45)

Track 12: You Still Dont Know Me    (4:56)

Track 13: Yours    (4:00)

Track 14: Weißt Du Noch    (4:00)

Track 15: Dont Speak    (4:39)

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