Beatles: Abbey Road

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Beatles: Abbey Road

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Genre: Rock    Format: LP 12-Inch

Label: Apple
Catalog #: so-383
Country of Origin: USA

New/Used Used      Condition/Grade: VG++

This album has 25 tracks:

Track 1: Something (take 37)    (2:60)

Track 2: Octopus's Garden (take 32)    (2:50)

Track 3: Polythene Pam    (1:18)

Track 4: The End (take 7)    (2:47)

Track 5: Maxwell's Silver Hammer (early mix)    (3:37)

Track 6: Oh! Darling (early version)    (3:27)

Track 7: Her Majesty (take 3)    (0:25)

Track 8: Octopus's Garden (take 2)    (2:50)

Track 9: Something (demo)    (3:18)

Track 10: Come and Get It (demo)    (2:28)

Track 11: Because (take 16)    (2:15)

Track 12: Golden Slumbers (early take)    (1:33)

Track 13: Come Together (take 1)    (3:40)

Track 14: Sun King (early mix)    (2:36)

Track 15: Ain't She Sweet    (2:05)

Track 16: She Came in Through the Bathroom Window    (1:53)

Track 17: Old Brown Shoe (demo)    (3:02)

Track 18: Here Comes the Sun    (3:05)

Track 19: I Want You (She's So Heavy)    (7:46)

Track 20: You Never Give Me Your Money (unreleased take)    (5:46)

Track 21: The End (early instrumental mix)    (2:00)

Track 22: Maxwell's Silver Hammer (take 5)    (3:42)

Track 23: All Things Must Pass (demo)    (3:04)

Track 24: Mean Mister Mustard    (1:06)

Track 25: Carry That Weight (early take)    (1:40)

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